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Breaking the mold, baking the future.

At DeOrno® we are dedicated to making delicious Gourmet bakery of the highest quality. All our products are certified gluten free and food safe, made with fresh ingredients, without artificial colors or flavors. With a 12-month shelf life, deep frozen that do not lose their flavor or texture and limiting the use of preservatives.

About Deorno

At Deorno we have facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows us to control and improve each step of the production process. This ensures that our products meet the highest quality and food safety standards. Additionally, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and productivity. Therefore, we are constantly updating the best practices and equipment for the industry.
At Deorno, we use cutting-edge deep-freezing technology to ensure our products retain their freshness, flavor and texture for up to 12 months. Our products are brought to -18°C under this process, which prevents the formation of ice crystals. This allows our products to maintain their structure and properties, ensuring they have a delicious taste and fluffy texture.
At Deorno, we are committed to offering our customers the best products. Therefore, we have a strict quality and hygiene control program in our production plant. Our program includes a number of measures, such as using high-quality ingredients that are gluten-free, using equipment that is specifically designed for bakery production, implementing food safety procedures, and training our staff. in best hygiene practices.

Why Deorno?

Natural Ingredients

Deorno utilizes only fresh, natural ingredients to give our bread better texture, smell and appearance.

Without Artificial Flavors

Deorno only makes products, avoiding the use of artificial flavors and colors.

Gluten Free

Deorno counts with international certifications that guarantee our products are gluten-free.

Fresh up to 12 months

Bread is an essential part of a well, balanced diet, especially when it is of Deorno quality.

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